Fort Rodd Hill Rating Hike in VictoriaFort Rodd Hill is astonishingly beautiful and incredibly interesting as a tourist attraction in Victoria that most never see.  This fact is amazing as it is wonderful and unquestionably, or at least arguably, as good or better than any other attraction around.  And at $3.90, what a phenomenal deal.  You can crawl all over all the real pre World War I era defensive structures and even play with, and all but fire a genuine World War II Anti-Aircraft Gun... which astonishingly is in the parking lot.

Victoria Hiking Trails Rating for Witty's LagoonWitty’s Lagoon Regional Park is a wonderful coastal park overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Located in Metchosin, a scenic and largely rural community that is part of the Western Communities. If you are driving from downtown Victoria, you are just a 30 minute drive away and much of that drive is quite nice.  Fort Rodd Hill and Esquimalt Lagoon are definitely worth visiting on the way to Witty’s Lagoon.

Victoria Hiking Trails RatingThetis Lake Regional Park is a very popular Victoria park that contains several lakes.  Lower Thetis Lake, Upper Thetis Lake, Prior Lake and further out, McKenzie Lake are all within this amazing park.  A wide, spider web of hiking trails run in between and around these lakes in the midst of a beautiful and secluded forest.

Victoria Hiking Trails RatingSpectacle Lake Provincial Park is popular with hiking, fishing, canoeing and swimming.  Located north of Victoria, the drive to get there is very beautiful and well worth the drive just for the great stops on the way.  Thetis Lake Park and Goldstream Park are easily combined with Spectacle Lake in a one day hiking/sightseeing adventure.