Clayoquot Hiking Trails RatingAt 53 metres, Virgin Falls is quite an impressive sight.  You walk through the short, two minute forest trail to reach it and it fills your view.  It is located in a beautiful oasis it has created.  A large, ice cold and crystal clear pool with pebble rocks and waterfall battered logs that flows out in a large, meandering stream through the trees.  The whole area is surrounded by huge trees and you feel a strange sense of comfort, like you are in protected place.  And when you roll out your sleeping bag in the spectacular setting, you will never want to leave.

  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProIncredibly scenic waterfalls
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProHard to get to, so usually deserted
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProTent clearings very close to the falls
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProVery remote wilderness paradise
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProSerene escape from busier attractions
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProA great little hut is found nearby
  • Clayoquot Hiking Trails ProWonderfully adventurous road trip
  • Victoria Hiking Trails ConVery long & narrow access road
  • Victoria Hiking Trails ConNeed a 4x4 to manage the road
  • Victoria Hiking Trails ConPaint scratching trees are unavoidable

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The small, but very inviting camping area is amazing.  Huge trees to your back, phenomenal waterfall to your front.  Room for two tents near the cozy and clean fire pit.  Endless firewood litters the edge of the waterfalls pool beautifully.  Though the loud waterfall makes conversation a bit tough.  The wonderful area where the fire is is somewhat sheltered by a couple large trees deflecting some sound and making the camping area all the better.  The Virgin Falls Road is pretty bad, though very beautiful.  It is hardly maintained, though still used logging road that hugs the coast much of its 31k length from the Kennedy River bridge turnoff.  The potholes are numerous, though expected.  What isn't expected is the narrow, overgrown sections.  If you value your vehicles paint, you will find yourself gritting your teeth quite a bit.  But then if you have a 4x4, you should likely be used to that and be fine barrelling through these narrow sections.  If you are planning on driving up without a 4x4 you should be able to make it, though there are a couple of steep sections that you may have to make a couple runs at to get up.  The hilariously adorable little cabin near Virgin Falls that can be used by anyone and sits at the end of a short side road definitely requires a good 4x4 to reach.  But as it is only about 400 metres from the Virgin Falls road, you can park and walk to it if needed.  There are two excellent pullout/turn around points on this short road as well in case you chicken out and want to turn around part way in.

The little Virgin Falls cabin is quite amazing for such a remote place.  First off, the setting is fantastic.  It is located overlooking the beautiful Tofino Creek, and there is a wonderful campfire spot complete with log seats, just steps from the cabin.  The cabin itself is equipped with a wood stove and bunk beds.  You could easily have 8 people stay and sleep fairly comfortably as there are six bunks and floor room.  There are several empty and partly empty booze bottles lining the shelves as well as quite a few odd curiosities in the little cabin.  If you are brave enough to drive right to the cabin there is room for several vehicles to park and not obstruct anyone's exit.  The Virgin Falls cabin even has pots and pans for use with the stove and working lanterns and some fantastically kind people have generously equipped it with lots of cut firewood.  There is a funny sign on the door declaring that the cabin is for everyone and despite its shabby appearance you get the impression that this cabin on Tofino Creek near Virgin Falls has been well used and well loved for decades.

Virgin Falls Directions Map

Virgin Falls Road

Virgin Falls Short Trail

Beautiful Virgin Falls

Virgin Falls Hike in Clayoquot

Virgin Falls Hike in Clayoquot

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At 53 metres, Virgin Falls is quite an impressive sight.  You walk through the short, two minute forest trail to reach it and it fills your view.  It is ...
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