Victoria Hiking Trails RatingBear Hill Regional Park is a nice hill trail, just north of Elk/Beaver Lake in Saanich.  It is an easy 2k hike to the summit where the views are sensational.  From the trailhead to the summit only takes about 20-30 minutes. High up on the Saanich Peninsula you can see the Gulf Islands and even the San Juan Islands in the United States.  The technically active, and alarmingly close volcano, Mount Baker in Washington State is very visible as well on a clear day.

  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsFantastic views to the ocean!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsEasy, relaxing, rewarding hike
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsNext to Elk/Beaver Lake Park
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsStunning grove of Garry Oak trees
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsWilderness feel so close to the city
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsDog friendly & horse friendly!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsUsually don't see other hikers
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNice little hike, but not a lot to see
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNeed a clear day to enjoy the view!
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNot the most exciting hiking trail

The trail to Bear Hill is easy and runs through a beautiful forest of Douglas fir trees that lead to the unexpected grove of Garry oak trees at the summit.  The more you hike in Victoria, the more you notice these wonderful hiking trails to rocky hills/mountains.  From Bear Hill's 220 metre elevation you may be able to spot other, distant Victoria mountains.  If you look toward downtown Victoria you should be able to make out Mount Douglas and possibly Mount Tolmie.

Mount Finlayson in Goldstream Park should be visible on a clear day as well far off the right of Victoria.  Many Victoria mountains and hills have summit plaques that indicate the direction and names of visible summits.  Bear Hill, unfortunately doesn't, however, Mill Hill and Mount Finlayson do.

Bear Hill Regional Park connects with Elk and Beaver Lakes Regional Park making this small park into quite a larger area to hike.  A beautiful 10k trail runs around Elk and Beaver Lakes.  Take a look at the Bear Hill Regional Park map below for an idea of where the park is in relation to Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park.

It also shows the connecting trail to Elk and Beaver Lakes which then runs around these two beautiful Victoria lakes.  There are no facilities such as washrooms at Bear Hill Regional Park, however the nearby Elk/Beaver Lake Park has washrooms as well as food vendors and a variety of water sport rentals available much of the year.

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