Victoria Hiking Trail RatingThe Elk & Beaver Lake Trail is one of many beautiful lakeside trails in Victoria.  From the convenient parking lot the trail is mostly flat, gravel or dirt, densely forested at times and runs around both Elk and Beaver Lakes to complete a 10k circuit.  The park is very popular for swimming, picnicking, windsurfing, boating, fishing and rowing.  Though it can get busy the large size of the park disperses people quite well.

  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsBeautiful trails along the water
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsSurprisingly deep & wild forest
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsGreat, convenient location
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsNice lakes for swimming
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsMultiple nice beaches
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsConcession stands in the summer
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsBoating, fishing & rowing popular
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsTwo contrasting parks in one!
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sVery busy on summer weekends
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sCamping, fires & alcohol prohibited

If you are running here you will find the trails around the lake peaceful and quiet even if the sandy beaches are crowded and noisy.  Like other BC Provincial Parks there are excellent toilet facilities at several points along this beautiful and relaxing trail.  Concession stands are located at both ends of the park as well as water sport equipment rental shops at the Elk Lake end of the park.

A connecting trail extends from the north end of the park leading to Bear Hill Regional Park.  Bear Hill sits high above the surrounding area and has beautiful views of Saanich Peninsula as well as the more distant San Juan and Gulf Islands.  On a clear day you can easily spot Mount Baker in the United States.

Depending on what you want to do in the park with dictate where you park.  The Beaver Lake parking area is large and easy to get to(see directions below).  Beaver Lake is very nice with a huge beach in a lush forest with trails going in either direction.

Elk Lake has a couple of main parking areas.  If driving from Victoria you will see a left turn lane and sign to the park.  This parking area is a great central location and home to the Elk Lake Rowing Centre(see map below).  Additionally there are other parking areas around the lake.  The one off Sayward Road is where much of the summertime activity takes place.  Food outlets and water-sport rentals shops operate here.

For the Beaver Lake entrance to the park from Victoria take the Royal Oak Drive exit off of the Pat Bay Highway(exit right then turn left onto Royal Oak Drive), then turn right onto Elk Lake Drive.  After about 1k you will see the Elk/Beaver Lake Provincial Park sign on your left.  There are two large parking areas and all of them are convenient for running the 10k circle route.  The 2nd parking area might be preferable for running though as it avoids the often chaotic, main beach parking area.  For the Elk Lake entrance to the park you just have to continue north on the Pat Bay Highway and you will see Elk Lake on your left.  Turn into the dedicated turn lane to the parking near Eagle Beach or continue to the Sayward Road intersection at the end of the lake.  Turn left onto Sayward and you will find parking near food outlets and the windsurf rentals gear shop

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