Victoria Hiking Trails RatingGrass Lake(aka Grasse Lake or Grassie Lake) is a moderately difficult trail to a beautifully remote lake far in the wilderness of Sooke.  Popular for swimming and escaping the world.  It is a beautiful and remote lake.  There are a couple of lakeside clearings that are perfect for camping.  South facing, and sunny all day.  If you don't mind the tough hike in, you will be in paradise.

  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsDeep wilderness hike
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsInfrequently hiked & seldom busy
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsInteresting artifacts in the forest
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsVery dog friendly
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsFamily friendly trail
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsSpacious tent sites & free
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsLikely to have the lake to yourself!
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNot a lot to see on the trail
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNot the prettiest lake
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNot a lot of accessible shore

There are in fact, several ways to access Grass Lake.  The recently re-branding of the area as the Sea to Sea Regional Park and the Sea to Sea Green Blue Belt have focussed interest in creating new and better trails in the area. Grass Lake is in the back of beyond and you will will usually find no one there but you.  Most Sooke locals have only vaguely heard of Grass Lake and its rare to talk to someone that has been there.  The reason for this may be Sooke Potholes.  They are very beautiful and very easy to get to.  Grass lake is tricky to find and a bit of tough hike to get there.  Once you do find it, however, you will have this hidden paradise to yourself.

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