Victoria Hiking Trails RatingThe wilderness hiking trails in Francis/King Regional Park take you past massive, old-growth Douglas Fir trees.  Some estimated to be as old as 500 years and the Elsie King interpretive trail gives beautiful descriptions of the forest and creatures around you.  The park is an educational walk through a remote and secluded feeling park just 20 minutes from downtown Victoria.

  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsEleven kilometres of trails
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsTrail connects to Thetis Lake!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsWonderful wildflower meadows
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsNice 800 metre interpretive trail
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsBig, 500 year old trees!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsVery family friendly
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsElsie King Trail is wheelchair friendly
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNice hike, but not overly impressive
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNot as pretty as nearby Thetis Lake
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sNice park, but not a must do

There are over 11 kilometres of trails in the park and the Panhandle trail connects to the adjacent, Thetis Lake Regional Park.  The trail network extends quite far allowing you to roam far and wide or close and short.  Thetis Lake Regional Park then connects to the beautiful Mill Hill Regional Park, combining these three very distinct parks into one, massive, interconnected hiking paradise.  Francis/King contains the massive old growth forest, Thetis the beautiful lakeside trails, and Mill Hill the wonderful mountain views out to the ocean around Victoria.

Francis/King Regional Park gets its odd, double name of "Francis/King" because Francis and King were in fact two surnames of two different people.  Both enabled the creation of the park and therefore the name of the park was clumsily created with both surnames. Take a look at the detailed history of the park including archaeological research in the area here.

James Francis bought the area where the park is on the east side of Munn Road in the 1840's.  The area on the west side of Munn road was named Freeman King Park after a popular early Victoria area conservationist.  The beautiful Elsie King Trail is an 800 metre long wheelchair accessible boardwalk with a self guided interpretive trail.  There is also a nice nature centre near the parking lot open 12-4pm Saturday, Sunday and holiday Monday.

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