Victoria Hiking Trails RatingEast Sooke Regional Park is a convenient and easily accessible way to experience the wild, west coast of Vancouver Island.  Weather blasted rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and deep coastal forest trails run throughout the park.  Wonderfully remote feeling, East Sooke Park is so large as to have three access points and many worthwhile destinations.  Every few minutes along the coast you come to another startlingly desolate ocean vantage point, followed by dense coastal forest, then a hidden beach, then forest again.

  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsGorgeous, wild coastal trails
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsNice mountain hiking trails
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsMassive park with 3 trailheads
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsBig beaches & very hidden beaches
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsOver 50 kilometres of trails!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsEasy to find solitude!
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsAmazing 10k coastal route
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsMarvelously deep forest
  • Pro's Victoria Hiking TrailsVariety enough to please everyone
  • Victoria Hiking Con'sCamping is not allowed

Everything about East Sooke Park is just great and should not be missed on a trip to Victoria anytime of the year.  The sheer size of this park and number of trails, over 50 kilometres of them.  The Coastal Trail, almost 12 kilometres long, stretches out linearly in an array of pocket beaches, rocky viewpoints and fantastically alive tide pools.  It hugs the cliff, ducks into the forest and back out to another stunning ocean viewpoint.  It does this over and over again.  Dozens of times, and not once does it get boring.  The Strait of Juan de Fuca and swirling mass of green and blue stretches out toward the Olympic Mountains in the United States.

East Sooke Regional Park has three main access points and trailheads.  This allows the huge park to be divided up into three manageable parts, each one with very different attributes.  The Aylard Farm trailhead is the easy, family friendly and relaxing way to see East Sooke Park.  A few short, 5 minute trails take you down to beaches, tidal pools and picnic areas.  The Anderson Cove trailhead is popular with hikers tackling the more challenging trails to Babbington Hill and Mount Maguire.  The Pike Road trailhead is the furthest west access to East Sooke Park with an easy, 1.5 kilometre trail leading down to Iron Mine Beach.

Aylard Farm is the busiest entry point to East Sooke Park as the enormous parking lot will attest.  A spider web of trails emanate from this starting point.  If you are looking for a relaxing walk to a nice beach, this is a good place to go.  A nice beach with lots of wildlife to watch make this a favourite stop for families.  Trails continue along the coastline and the beautiful Coast Trail.  Hugging the coastline the trail takes you to a nice picnic area and shelter with fantastic ocean views.  From here the Coast Trail continues along the coast and spans the entire park.

The Anderson Cove entrance to East Sooke Park is the way to access the two popular summits in the park.  Babbington Hill and Mount Maguire.  These two challenging trails take you up to great vantage points over the park and the Olympic Peninsula beyond.  The snow-capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains in the US look surprisingly close from these summits. The Pike Road access to the park is great for families and relaxing.  The short, 1.5 kilometre trail follows an old logging road through a nice meadow, then down to Iron Mine Beach.  Another beautiful beach that will keep kids amused for hours. Though East Sooke Park is one of the biggest parks around Victoria with an extensive hiking trail network, camping is not welcome.  Bikes and beach fires are also not welcome.  Further up the coast is the beautiful and camping friendly, Juan de Fuca Trail that is more suited to multi-day hiking.

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